Falcon College Campus is switching over to NEW Digital Telephone Numbers.

We will operate both the old and new numbers together for a period of one month, starting from today – 25th August. Please take note of the new numbers now and start using with immediate effect.

New Switchboard Numbers

(09) 881249
(09) 881269
(09) 881289
(09) 881268
(09) 881287
(09) 881290
(09) 881294

*PLEASE NOTE: These numbers originate from the BULAWAYO exchange, so you need to use the dialling code 09

Various direct numbers will also change and these will be communicated when they take effect.

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Headmaster’s Newsletter – Friday 25th July 2014

Dear Parents,

The third fixture free has come and gone and we have been very busy getting things in place for the Old Boys weekend. The Old Boys dinner is sold out and we expect a large crowd out at the College this weekend.

Several boys “stayed in” over the FFW to work, which l am delighted about. It really showed academic maturity and l am quite sure that it will pay dividends when the final  results are published.

As with all fixture free weekends, there was still a lot    happening. Our biggest event was the MTB Mountain Bike Challenge at Lomagundi. We won this event – not only on the day but the annual event where we amassed the most points .

I have not yet published the final results for the Tour De Falcon which was remiss of me...

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Second Term Mark Order One

Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 L6 U6
Hinmers SP Malambo R Noach M Kersten JR Fari GT Bahlangane V
Gula-Ndebele M Chidawanyika M Sherriffs R Small DW Schlachter JJ Mambinge ASA
Foot HJ Landrey M Freeth JT Godfreyy R   Nare R
Jarman WA Danby JM Smit JB meredith Bd   Franceys JK
Ndlovu M Edwards Cameron Mutero T Chabata A    
  Dawson RE Njanike TK Phiri S    
  Kwidini RR Ncube R Nkomo B    
    Wellock EG Michelson B    
    Oostindien J Tshuma WB    
    Hickey A Mhonde T    
    Gilmour L Wallett PJ    
      Zvinowanda C    
Mbizvo T   Mabhudhu T   Dhlamini TA  
    Learmonth A      
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Headmaster’s Newsletter—Friday 23rd May 2014

Dear Parents,

First of all let me apologise for the situation that has existed for this last week with regard to the telephone. It is a very old system which is now failing. We are currently installing something that should give us far better service. It has been our intention to change the system for some time, but we have now been forced into it.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Fidelis Majuba whose Mom passed away this week. The Falcon family wishes his family strength and comfort at this difficult time.

Our first weekend of sport went really well and I am very pleased to have been in a position to watch the younger boys play at home. The intensity of the games and the    support from the dorm mates and the rest of the school were very good indeed.

 We are very concerned about the bi...

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The Headmaster’s Newsletter – Friday 16th May 2014

Dear  Parents,

The school is looking amazing  and the weather is beautiful at this time of year with cold nights and early mornings and lovely warm and clear days.

The term has started well except for the fact that there are still some boys who have not returned because of fee issues. It really is incredibly difficult for all concerned when boys return late.

Firstly, boys are missing out  on academic work and secondly, they are also not available for selection for school teams, provincial teams and for going on Club outings.

The start of term sets the tone for  the school – in chapel, in assembly and in the boarding houses. I appeal to those it concerns to plan ahead. Our school needs your support and your timeous fee input to operate properly.

In the holidays, the 1st XI Hockey team t...

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Headmaster’s Newsletter End of the 1st term 2014

Dear Parents,

 I cannot believe the term has ended!

 Sadly, we have had two staff resign and they will be leaving at the end of the

second term. Mrs Patricia Ndlovu, who currently teaches English, will be joining her husband, Dr  Tabisani Ndlovu in South Africa. They have a son at the College and he will be staying to complete his career at Falcon. The other person leaving is Mr Elvis Maradzike, who is moving on to America to further his studies. Mr Maradzike teaches Mathematics at the top end of the College.

 I also need to advise parents that Mr Joe Makurumidze will be stepping down as the Housemaster of Founders after several years. Mr Ryan Vickery will be taking over as of next term.

 I congratulate all those who achieved Commendations or Headmaster’s Accolades...

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The Headmaster’s Newsletter – Friday 4th April 2014

Dear Parents,

 Thank you so much for what was a fabulous weekend.

 The play was an outstanding event and everyone that l have spoken to are of the same opinion. I am always amazed at how young people grow within the drama environment.  I thank all who were involved in the production – it really does take a mammoth effort from numerous folk to carry off this kind of event.

 I would like to thank you all for your support of Founders Day.  Once again, the event went off very well and it most certainly brought families together and created a great vibe which is what the Falcon family is all about. Special thanks to all the parents who worked at the food and memorabilia stands. We raised just under US$ 600 for each House and we sold a good amount of our 60th memorabilia.

 Sadly the plays...

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The Headmaster’s Newsletter – 28th March 2014

Dear Parents,

 My visit to Botswana was very pleasant and enlightening. I learnt a great deal and the communication with the primary schools, parents and Old Boys was greatly beneficial. I would like to thank Clarissa Blignautin Gaborone and Jenny O’Hagan in Francistown for facilitating our visit and having us to stay.

 This week we have had Lyn McElvaine, the Educational Psychologist, at the school. She has been doing individual assessments and re-assessments of boys. It is always good to have her here and to be able to chat and get her opinion on so many educational problem areas.

 The play, “We Will Rock You”, is now in full swing and all the feedback is good. I cannot wait to see the production on Friday...

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The Headmaster’s Newsletter – 21st March 2014


Dear Parents,

We trust that you had an enjoyable weekend with your sons.

Two of the photographs that have been attached follow on last week’s report on the visit to Harare by Mr. Matatu (the Director of Studies) and Stephen Bhasera (the Head Boy). Stephen was honoured at the Cambridge cocktail party for his AS Level Geography result in the 2013 examinations. By achieving this, he struck a blow for prop forwards everywhere – they can also be academics.

The College Magazine should be out there with many of you by now. It is a quality edition and brings real credit to the College – and to the good folk from Falcon who put it together. We pay appropriate tribute to Barbz Heymans and her team of Martha Querl, Heather Macdonald, Rosy Shearing, Debbie Kelly, Amanda Watson and Rich   Harrison...

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The Headmaster’s Newsletter – 14th March 2014

Dear Parents,

It was a great shame that we had to postpone the Inter-House Relays athletics last Saturday. We did a couple of other things on Saturday, the first being that we took an aerial 60th photo of all the boys on the field in the shape of a 6 and a 0! We will include a picture in this week’s newsletter. We also had a “round the block” relay with almost every boy in every house running. This created a lot of interest and much fun was had by all.

The Inter-House relays took place on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The weather was kind to us and we got though all the events, with Hervey emerging the winners.

This coming week l will be traveling to Botswana on a marketing trip. I will be in Gaberone on Wednesday  19th and Francistown on Thursday 20th March...

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