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The Academic Calendar


The Falcon College year is made up of three terms, each of approximately twelve weeks in duration.

First Term – January to April

Sports played:-Cricket, Cross-Country, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Waterpolo, Golf, Tennis, Squash.
Form One entry, followed by grading tests towards the end of the term.
Cultural Weekend.
Cross Country Competition.
School Play.
Founders’ Day Athletics Meeting.

Second Term – May to August

Sports played:-Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Squash.
Trip to Grahamstown National Arts Festival.
Old Boys’ Weekend.
Internal exams for all junior forms and Mock Public exams for senior boys.

Third Term – September to December

Sports played:-Cricket, Waterpolo, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Basketball, Squash.
Music Under the Stars.
Interhouse and Interschools Swimming Galas.

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Headmaster’s Newsletter—Friday 23rd May 2014

Dear Parents,

First of all let me apologise for the situation that has existed for this last week with regard to the telephone. It is a very old system which is now failing. We are currently installing something that should give us far better service. It has been our intention to change the system for some time, but we have now been forced into it.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Fidelis Majuba whose Mom passed away this week. The Falcon family wishes his family strength and comfort at this difficult time.

Our first weekend of sport went really well and I am very pleased to have been in a position to watch the younger boys play at home. The intensity of the games and the    support from the dorm mates and the rest of the school were very good indeed.

 We are very concerned about the bi...

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Headmaster’s Newsletter – 23rd January 2014

Dear Parents,

 We have now completed our first full week of the school year. The new boys are making progress although some are still battling a little with homesickness.

 We had a new Form Two boy run away this week. He pretended to be going for a run with a group of boys and turned left out of the gate. He was recovered by his Housemaster in Bulawayo and brought back to the College. He was unhappy about being away from home and felt that some senior boys had been unpleasant to him. I have dealt with the situation and the boy assures us that all is now well.

 I want to address the issue of bullying. This is often confused with “having to do things”, which a boy does not want to do; and then being compelled to do them...

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Headmaster’s newsletter – 11 October 2013

Falcon College swimming competitions

We have had another full week and external exams have now begun and are in full swing.

This is such a tense and important time for exam candidates and those around them. The weather has been relatively kind and we still have cooler evenings and mornings, making it easier for the boys to study.

The weekends sport went well against Peterhouse. The games were all competitive except for our U14B team who faced an outstanding team. The Waterpolo tournament was very well contested and our two drawn games left us fourth overall in the tournament; even though we drew with the eventual winners, Hellenic.

The withdrawal this weekend of our swimming team is unfortunate but we really have to take a stand and encourage the two associations to do something about eliminating the clash between Waterpolo a...

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Headmaster’s newsletter – 6 September 2013

Falcon 1st XV Rugby vs. Peterhouse

The term has started well. Unfortunately,  many parents have left fee payment issues to the last minute and there has been a mad scramble to get some boys, who are exam candidates, back into school. This really is very unfair on the scholars and the staff who are trying their best to get pupils to where they are meant to be.

There were several areas at the start of term which really showed how important communication is. We send out this newsletter weekly and we adopt a policy whereby we encourage communication at all levels. I am appealing to parents to please make sure that they communicate with us; either directly through my secretary or through the Housemasters. Many issues are easily resolved through early and timeous communication.

The school is looking good and I would like to comm...

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Headmaster’s newsletter – 19 July 2013

The early closure of schools  is most certainly an issue, but as l said previously, it will work to our advantage for exam candidates, as they will have a longer run into exams.

We have maintained the term’s calendar as far as possible. The Consultation  Day for exam candidates has moved to the 1st September at 8.30 am. This will give you the opportunity to read your sons’ reports, talk to them and then discuss any areas of concern with their teachers. This again is a positive.

Please ensure that holiday work is done diligently over this five week holiday.  Do not allow the boys to make excuses to avoid studying, such as having left books behind.

We have heard the sad news this week, of a St. John’s boy who lost his life in a motor accident...

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Headmaster’s newsletter – 12 July 2013

Falcon College 2nd XV rugby

The closing of schools will be disruptive but now that we have revamped the calendar there are many positives. The major ones being that the staff can mark and create comprehensive reports without also having to teach. The second and most important aspect is that it gives us an extra week leading into the Cambridge exams next term. Thirdly, it gives boys more time to do holiday work and revision – in the extra holiday time. Please encourage them to use their time wisely.

Mr and Mrs Fuller completed their “Quality Assurance” exercise on Thursday. It was a privilege having them in the school with so much experience and expertise behind them.

We also benefited from a visit to the College by Dave and Brenda Van Wyk...

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Headmaster’s newsletter – 27 June 2013


I hope that you had a good weekend with your sons.

We have carried out a second round of random drug tests. 7 Lower and Upper 6th boys were randomly chosen and sent to Bulawayo accompanied by Sister Bryant. The laboratory conducted the tests and the results are due out in 10 days’ time. Drug testing is an ongoing exercise to ensure we do all we can to have a drug free College.

This week boasts a very full sporting calendar. Please remember that the rugby against Kyle and Milton on Saturday will be held at Falcon. All games will be played in the morning, with the 1st XV playing at 11 am against Kyle.

Tour de Falcon will take place on Sunday 7th July and is another event not to be missed. Each year this event seems to gather momentum. It is a great family day so please join us...

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