Drama at Falcon College

Drama has become a very important aspect of Falcon life. Here is a quote from the 60th magazine article (2014) on ‘We Will Rock You.’ This production was written by Jan Ferreira who has directed the last five productions:

Our previous successes and the character of the boys involved in the production, were our major strengths this year. The successes of ‘The Lion King’, ’Robin Hood’ and ‘Ice Age’ were a huge morale booster and also set the benchmark. The boys have come to see participation in the play as representing the College in a first team and it is a great honour and privilege to be part of a production. Gone are the old views that plays are for the ‘un-sporty’ or ‘un-cool’. This year there were five College prefects, four first team rugby players, nine first team hockey players and half a dozen first team soccer players in the cast. So there is a culture of wanting to be in the play from right across the spectrum.’

As Director of Culture, I commend all the boys and staff who have worked tirelessly to create these marvellous shows. This year we raised the benchmark once again as we took our show to the Whitestone stage and produced another entertaining musical, ‘Aladdin’. The delightful story lends itself to the stage and the performances were filled with music and singing, lots of action and humour. The dance routines were exceptional this year and it was obvious that the audiences thoroughly enjoyed the shows.