The Falcon Foundation

Proud of our Past. Resolute in our Future.

Mission Statement

Falcon Foundation provides money to support projects at Falcon College. Led by a small group of alumni, the Foundation seeks contributions from former pupils, Friends of Falcon and others, and stewards the donations through careful investment and prudent distributions. Income from the investment helps keep Falcon College as a leading Southern African centre of academic, cultural and sporting excellence for young people. 



Why a Foundation

The Board of Governors of Falcon College created the Falcon Foundation to establish an Endowment Fund.  Endowment funds are important sources of permanent, long-term funding for successful educational institutions the world over. They enable the beneficiary institution to make commitments far into the future, knowing that resources to meet those commitments will continue to be available. For Falcon, a solid Endowment Fund provides financial strength for the College to plan with confidence. The capital raised for the Endowment Fund will be preserved, with the income generated used to support select projects like scholarships and improvements to the College’s infrastructure.

The Foundation is an umbrella to entities in several countries around the world, including a registered charity in the UK, the Falcon College Overseas Trust.  Donations to the Foundation are funneled to this entity which is the holder of the Endowment Fund.  The investments of the Endowment Fund are managed by professional money managers in London.

Every contribution to the Falcon Foundation reinforces the College’s sustainability as a premier centre of excellence. The generosity of our donors enables us to deliver on the vision to extend the educational reach beyond the boundaries of the College.

Falcon Now and for the Future

Falcon College has long been regarded as one of the premier schools in Southern Africa. Past successes are plentiful but to remain relevant the College continues strategically to reposition itself to provide a superior internationally recognised education, and to continue producing young men and women of the very highest caliber. Falcon College recognizes the responsibility of creating opportunities for boys and girls from all walks of life to experience the rich traditions and life-shaping education that the College offers.  The Foundation will help the College by providing finance for projects for this continual repositioning and improvement.

Name Year Name Year
Alan Cornish 1967 Ed Sankey 1990
Peter Coulson 1983 Mark Saunders 1987
Jeremy Haile 1968 Dave van Wyk 1987
Tapiwa Mafi 2005

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees, all alumni of the College. They are located around the world and offer considerable and varied expertise to move the Foundation forward. A subcommittee of the Trustees, all financial professionals, gives direction to the money managers in London on investment of the Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund

The target is to raise at least US$1 million within 5 years. The College is approaching its 70th anniversary; it has a fantastic story to tell and it continues to write an even better one.  As the Endowment Fund begins to generate income, the Trustees will ask the Board of Governors of Falcon to make proposals for the use of that money.  The Trustees will select the proposals to support and monitor the use of the money assigned.

And this is where our focus lies; to raise money through contributions, invest that money in the Endowment Fund, and disburse some of the income from the Endowment Fund to Falcon while maintaining the integrity of the Endowment Fund.

How to donate

It is easy to make a donation from where ever you are. If you are living in the UK you can donate by clicking on this link:


For those living anywhere else in the world you can make a donation via Paypal (it’s easy to do and you do NOT require a Paypal account). Please click on this link


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