New Parents Information

  • JACARANDA SEASON 9PLEASE MAKE THIS A FULL PAGE PHOTO)ASTRA: The Astra Scheme was originally designed to encourage boys to develop their skills in the 4 tenants of school life: – academics, sports, culture and service – and was non-competitive, other than with self. However, the introduction of prizes for each of the age groups, changed the emphasis into a competitive scenario, though the modus operandi remained much the same
Twice a term (corresponding to Mark Orders) each boy is issued with symbols from the staff he has been involved with extra-murally. They rate the boy on attendance and effort. The Housemaster then gives the boy a rating out of 5 for each of the 4 tenants. 
That is when it gets interesting! Each Housemaster then puts forward his nominee for each age group and the haggling starts. Generally speaking the right candidate for the Astra Award for each age group emerges!
The original Astra Trophy is automatically awarded to the Upper Six winner
  • ACADEMIC MATTERS: Your sons have a number of subject teachers – very different to just one class teacher at Junior School. Any problems arising on the academic front should be raised with your Housemaster in the first instance. If he decides it is necessary, he will pass the matter onto the Director of Studies Mr Matutu, who will provide a ruling.
  • AIR ZIMBABWE BOOKINGS – Should you opt to book Air Zimbabwe for your son’s fixture free travel, please advise your Housemaster of the details. Please will you also ensure that you request for transport from the College to Bulawayo airport and back. Please email Mr. Bancroft on and your Housemaster.
  • BUSES FOR FIXTURE FREE WEEKENDS– Dates for fixture free weekends can be found in the school calendar. You will receive an electronic copy of this from the Headmaster’s office each term as well as a hard copy from the Housemaster. If you have not received one please email Please encourage your sons to be responsible for making their own bus bookings from the outset. Payment can be made at the College, the Harare Office, the Bulawayo office or via CABS. (Please clearly state who the payment is for, their school account number and travel dates). Mr Tony Bancroft handles all the fixture free bus bookings and can be contacted
  • CELL PHONES – These are allowed during the course of the second term for Form One boys (the exact date is at the discretion of the Headmaster and Housemasters). All junior boys (Forms One to Three) are issued their cell phones on Thursday evening by their Housemaster. They then hand them back on Sunday evening for safekeeping. Despite what the boys may tell you, they only need one cell phone!
Landline : +263-9-881249/881269/881289/881287/881294.  
Our telephone operators are on duty : 
Monday to Friday 7.00 am until 9.00 pm Saturday 8.00 am to 5.00pm Sunday 8.00 am to 9.00pm