Falcon College – An Overview

Academic Quality and Relevance


Learning to Learn, Learning to Lead

Design and Technology

Body, Mind and Spirit – Achieving the Balance

Vital, Disciplined and Persevering in Body

The House System

Girls at Falcon

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Astra Programme

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Our Vision

Falcon College aims to be a leading Southern African centre of academic, cultural and sporting excellence for boys.

Our Values

Vital, disciplined and persevering in body

Curious, enthusiastic and fair in thinking

Sensitive, helpful and respectful in relationships

Humble, honest and wise in leadership

Cheerful, confident and generous in spirit


Enduring Christian values and morals, tempered by relevant 21st century education

Personal growth through motivation and goal setting

A balance of western individual competitiveness and the African Ubuntu spirit of co-operation and teamwork

A positive, enabling environment in which boys can grow into effective, respectable young men, capable of realising their full potential in life

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“Enduring Christian values and morals tempered by relevant 21st century education”.

Falcon College – An Overview

Falcon College is a school built on imagination, perseverance and sustainability. Situated fifty kilometers South-East of Bulawayo on the Beit Bridge Road, the College has grown from its humble beginnings on the site of a derelict gold mine, to one of the leading private secondary school establishments in Southern Africa. In 1953, a group of men had the foresight to develop the abandoned Bushtick Mine together with its clubhouse and the dry surroundings, into a secondary school for boys. With the first intake of thirty-six boys, they adapted the buildings and the Matabele bush to meet the needs of the school. Mine houses became boarding accommodation for the boys, mine offices were taken over as classrooms and the mine recreation centre became the school hall.

As enrolments increased, so too did the changes overtaking the school. Whilst some of the original buildings remain, many have been transformed and new ones added, always remaining faithful in style to the original mine buildings. Today, pupils attending the school enjoy some of the best sporting, academic, technical and outdoor facilities available in the region, promoting a thoroughly well rounded education.

“We will aim to ensure that all our teaching is fun, engaging and inspiring, with lessons being designed as a genuinely educational experience rather than simply a tool of examination preparation.”

Realising Potential

The 2000 hectare wilderness campus and self-sustaining Falcon community provides a positive, enabling environment in which boys can grow into effective, respectable young men capable of realising their potential in life.

Falcon is a dynamic, forward-thinking school, which enjoys a good reputation amongst private schools in Southern Africa. It has maintained the traditional approach to educating young men, while being fully connected to the 21stcentury.

Establishing Networks and Lifelong Friendships

Falcon College offers an all-round education for boys from Form 1 to 6. Supported by a team of dedicated staff, the College provides teaching of a wide range of subjects atIGCSE and A Level. In Form 1 and 2, the students follow the Cambridge International (Secondary 1) curriculum, culminating in the Checkpoint exams in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. In Form 3 and 4, students follow the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum (Secondary 2) and in their final two years at the College, the Cambridge International AS and A level qualifications (Advanced Level). We offer a wide range of Cambridge qualifications and the subjects can be seen in the table below:

Accounting Travel & Tourism Computer Science
Art and Design English Language Mathematics
Biology English Literature Music
Business Studies Physics Ndebele
Chemistry Geography Physical Education
Commerce History French


While educational instruction is aimed at promoting academic excellence, the basic mandate of teaching at the College is to impart sufficient knowledge to each boy to allow him to make his mark in life. Teaching is balanced to allow for the acquisition of a sound understanding of each subject and the development of specialist technical skills while, at the same, encouraging boys to use their imagination, to be creative, to develop their perceptive abilities, and to learn self-expression. In short, our boys learn to learn. Teaching methods employ a combination of group work and individual exercises. Theory is married to practice, as boys learn in the classroom what they often have an opportunity to try out in the field. Good foundations are set in each of the boy’s chosen subjects, no matter what their academic capabilities. Those who are particularly gifted, have the opportunity to take part in inter-school competitions and attend specialist events.

Information and Communication Technology

To prepare our students for the computing demands that will be required of them, Falcon College is strongly committed to information technology education. To that end, we have two computing labs where the students are given ICDL training (International Computer Driver’s Licence), and training in computer science. In addition, students gain an understanding of programming basics, helping them understand how to design software applications, instructing the computer to perform a task. This allows students to interact with, and gain confidence in using computers. Should they decide that a career in computing or programming is for them, Falcon College will provide an excellent grounding for this.

Falcon College has a campus wide ‘Wi-Fi’ network, which allows users to stay connected. This network is connected to the internet via fibre optics. With the use of iPads, students and teachers can use the network during lessons, bringing to life aspects of the subjects being taught. Students can also use the network for study and research purposes.

Design and Technology – Embracing Technological Capability and Literacy in the 21st Century

Falcon College recognises that technology is driven by the needs of a modern society and that a curriculum that places emphasis on technological capability and literacy is the envy of many learners and stakeholders.

The changing emphasis on Science and Technology education is the reason for embracing a rich technology curriculum at Falcon College. Design and Technology is a subject concerned with practical action, which is aimed at solving technical and practical problems in a technologically advancing 21st century. It is for this reason that the College continues to develop and equip the department in order to realise its ultimate goal of providing a centre for a hands-on learning experience through a problem solving and learner-centred teaching approach.

Design and Technology offers learners an opportunity to identify, analyse and explore design situations in a creative and innovative way. At Falcon College, the technology curriculum embraces development of skills in Graphic Designing, Product Designing, Systems and Control and Practical Technology, which are aimed at making our world look and work better technologically.

With more than twenty different clubs and societies, every boy at Falcon has the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and extra mural activities in order to develop specialist interests and skills. There is something for everyone: outdoor enthusiasts, natural history buffs, adventure seekers, the socially conscious, politicians and economists in the making, performing artists, future pop stars, the musically minded, photographers, martial artists and animal lovers.

Falcon is home to the annual Cultural Festival, the main cultural event for schools from around the country with activities including dance, art, singing, music, writing and drama.

Considerable effort has been expended in revitalising our music and drama departments culminating in 2011’s phenomenally successful production of ‘The Lion King’ and the equally well-acclaimed productions in the years since then.

“The wonderful richness of our community owes much to the range of cultural, religious, linguistic and social backgrounds from which our pupils come.”

Vital, Disciplined and Persevering in Body

A balance of western individual competitiveness with the African Ubuntu spirit of co-operation and teamwork

Outdoor activities have always played an important role in the life of the College. Sport, in particular, is seen as an invaluable tool in developing physical prowess, strengthening minds, fostering teamwork, and instilling discipline among the boys. A wide range of sports comprising cricket, rugby, hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, athletics, water polo, swimming, squash and golf, ensure that there is something for everyone at the College, no matter what their capabilities and interests. Staff members are well qualified to provide excellent coaching in a variety of sports. Specialist coaching is occasionally called in to help boys to achieve the upper edge. The 775m² gym ensures that those with particular talent receive specialist training to develop their abilities to the full.

Falcon is proud to have been well represented in all sports at provincial and national schoolboy level throughout history. However, it is not always about winning, but mostly about how we play the game, both as individuals and as a team. It is better to play fairly than to win at all costs.

“Whilst recognizing the centrality of academic progress and achievement, we aim to offer every boy the opportunity to fulfill his physical, creative and cultural potential, which in today’s sports and media centric world, can often lead to a rewarding career on its own.”

The House System

The House System is designed to foster teamwork while developing individual responsibility and initiative.

The new boy is placed in one of six houses to encourage self-discipline rather than enforce discipline. Boys from Form 1 to Upper 6 live together in their houses and develop a fierce loyalty to their house and to one another. A healthy rivalry exists between houses as they compete in a broad range of activities, from academic performance and a wide variety of sports, to adventure courses, music, drama, as well as public speaking and quiz challenges.

Responsibility for every aspect of a student’s life, whilst at school, ultimately lies with his Housemaster who is assisted by several house tutors and carefully selected prefects.

“ As part of the Astra ‘balanced score card’ programme, every boy at Falcon is expected to spend some 25 hours per annum involved in community or other charitable work, cheerfully and effectively.”

“The House system encourages delegation of authority to instill leadership, responsibility and personal accountability in boys”.

Girls at Falcon

The introduction of girls at Falcon has most certainly added a great deal of value to the College. The twelve girls have settled in amazingly well and have become part of Falcon in a very short time. Their desire to do what Falcon students do, and be what Falcon students are, has been commendable.

The girls have brought a competitive element into the classroom, which is beneficial to everyone. I think that we are richly blessed with this 2017 intake of girls with a good cross-section of abilities. Their work ethic and their attention to detail have really given the boys a new perspective on school life.

While we have not been able to offer team sports to our girls, they have excelled in individual games, and there is great potential for them to continue to do so. They are often playing against boys and this is bound to make them improve in every possible respect. This is the case in squash, tennis, karate, swimming and water polo.

The girls have really embraced the system and have been involved in all of the things that Falcon boys get involved in, from war cry practices, to various clubs and societies. The play this year involved several girls and they really made the most of the opportunity, taking on major parts and excelling.

We have also introduced several girl-orientated activities, which include pottery, gardening as well as horse riding.

Facilities and Resources

In pursuit of excellence, the College is committed to the ongoing investment in and development of modern, state-of-the-art academic, technological, sporting and cultural facilities for the benefit of staff and boys. The College maintains an extensive fleet of vehicles including modern Yutong coaches, which transport all boys to domestic and regional sporting and cultural events.

The Information and Communication Technology Centre includes Wi-Fi internet access across the campus, backed up by a strong reference library to ensure that boys have access to the best online and paper-based information retrieval system needed to support their studies.

The gym is modeled on similar facilities in SA and the USA, which ensures that those with particular talents receive specialist training to develop their abilities using the latest programmes and techniques.

Ultimately, each boy’s knowledge, skills development and personal growth are nurtured by a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified staff. From the “San” Sister to the groundsman to the university-educated specialist teachers, the College endeavours to recruit staff who will contribute to the realization of the College’s mission to create effective, respectful and capable young men.

The interests of the College, the staff and the boys themselves are represented by a pro-active Board of Governors who oversee the management of the school and ensure that policies are upheld and corporate governance maintained.

The Astra Programme

In working to achieve its vision and mission, and in line with the College’s values, Falcon has established the Astra programme, whichderived its name from the school motto, “Sicitur ad Astra.” The points of the Astra programme have four aspects, namely service, culture, sports, and academics. The programme is aimed at ensuring that each boy achieves his own personal goals. This requires that he set his own personal vision and map his way to meeting goals in the areas of his academic, cultural and sporting life. Teachers, parents and staff are encouraged to mentor boys through the programme and to review and re-evaluate progress at set times each year. Goals should be specific, measurable and achievable but must require determination and perseverance to attain.

Quiet Waters Conservation Scheme

Created over twenty years ago, the Nature Reserve and Wilderness Area covers 810 hectares immediately adjacent to the College campus. Over 300 hectares have been game fenced and stocked with an impressive variety of wild life. Several picnic sites with braai facilities, nature trails, three well maintained chalets and two en-suit lodges, allow visitors to take full advantage of this magnificent facility. Boys are encouraged to take “bush exeats” always in groups of three or more, walking, fishing, picnicking with a packed lunch or just enjoying being outdoors. These outings and “time out” with parents in the unspoiled bush are very popular. Quiet Waters also offers enormous educational benefits to the Natural History Society as well as Biology, Geography and Environmental Management students. Tremendous fun and challenges are experienced on the annual Adventure Courses where juniors spend a couple of nights under staff supervision fending for themselves in the bush.

The College is privileged to own a nature reserve and wilderness area on the Quiet Waters Conservation site adjacent to the school. Here boys are encouraged to enjoy walks and game viewing, and to take part in environmental and Natural History activities designed to create keen conservationists who are skilled in bush survival basics.

Quest Africa – Falcon Campus, Esigodini, Zimbabwe – A journey of exploration, inspiration and self-discovery

QUEST AFRICA revolves around values-based ‘action-learning’ and provides school leavers and young people with an opportunity to discover who they are and where they want to go in life while equipping them with a set of skills and values which makes any career path more achievable. This challenging programme is designed to produce strong, confident, ‘can-do’ characters who graduate from Quest with a real edge on their peers, fully prepared and equipped to face either tertiary education or their first job in the 21st century world of work.

This unique, exciting and fundamental shift in education is designed to expose young men and women to a broad spectrum of LIFE – with all its attendant opportunities and challenges, helping to guide them to career choices they may not have previously considered. It is a no-holds-barred approach to education, introducing options that are more out of the ordinary, unlike mainstream academic courses usually offered.

It includes a focus on outdoor careers, ranging from hunting and guiding, safari operation and lodge management through the more hands-on technical trades such as mechanics and construction to aspects of sports and fitness. More specifically Quest helps to define a young person’s purpose and potential in life, at the same time as challenging him both physically and mentally, in order to create a strong, confident, respectful and effective young man.

Quest Africa currently comprises two campuses, one in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe and the other in the Kaba Valley on the Eastern Cape Coast. Quest Africa, Falcon Campus, is situated in the heart of Matabeleland at the foot of the Mulungwane Hills.