The Governing Body

The College is governed according to its Trust Deed, (which was created in February 1953), and in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe.

BOARD MEETING AT THE HEADMASTER'S HOUSEThe Falcon College Board of Governors currently has 16 members, who collectively bring wide ranging experience to its deliberations:

6          are Old Boys of Falcon

10        have had sons go through the College

4          currently have sons in the College

2          are lawyers

1          is an engineer

4          are commercial farmers

1          is a chartered accountant

Board Members give huge amounts of time to the College.   They do this for no reward, not even reimbursement of expenses.   They receive no monetary payments from the College whatsoever.

The Board is self-perpetuating, in that suitable persons are invited to participate. There is no limit to tenure, except in the case of Chairman, who resigns at the end of each year and may or may not offer himself for re-election.

The Board’s role is fundamentally to formulate policy.   The Board distances itself from day to day running of the College, which is left in the hands of the Headmaster, who naturally has far more experience in such maters than do members of the Board.