Falcon College – An Oasis of Excellence

Our leading independent, co-educational secondary school strives to bring out the exceptional in all our students.

A school built on imagination, perseverance and sustainability.

Falcon College About

Nestled at the foot of the Blue Hills near Esigodini, Zimbabwe, Falcon College stands as an oasis of excellence in Southern Africa. The school is bordered by the picturesque Quiet Waters Nature Reserve, 50 kilometres southeast of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

We offer a holistic, co-educational, full boarding experience, where we aim to bring out the best in our students in their academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. We are proud of the well-rounded, polite and responsible students who leave through the gates at the end of their Falcon careers.

Life at Falcon 

Life at Falcon College encompasses a holistic blend of academic rigour, vibrant sports culture, diverse extra-curricular engagement, and a values-driven community fostering personal growth and responsibility.


We offer a Cambridge International education with tailored support for varying abilities, equipped classrooms, and campus-wide WiFi for research.


The school boasts world-class facilities and coaches, nurturing national representatives and professional athletes in various sports.

Our extra-curricular program includes over forty diverse clubs, focusing on performing arts, outdoor activities, and conservation.


Anchored in values of respect and responsibility, Falcon fosters a culture of politeness, neatness, and healthy competition between six houses, emphasising a sense of belonging and communal responsibility.

Who we are

Falcon Students

Over the last 70 years, Falcon College has grown from its humble beginnings on the site of the derelict Bushtick gold mine in the heart of the Matabeleland bush to one of the leading independent secondary schools in Southern Africa. 

Our ethos marries enduring Christian values with a 21st-century educational approach, fostering personal growth through motivation, cooperation, and teamwork. At Falcon, we embrace the wisdom of the past to sculpt individuals of excellence for the present and future. Our commitment extends beyond academics, nurturing compassion, respect, and well-being, preparing students for a competitive yet collaborative world.

We take pride in our tailored educational approach, small class sizes, and a network that extends opportunities far beyond the classroom.

Our Vision

Falcon College aims to be a leading Southern African centre of academic, cultural and sporting excellence for young people.

Our Ethos

Falcon Christian Values

Enduring Christian values and morals, tempered by relevant 21st century education.

Falcon Personal Growth

Personal growth through motivation and goal-setting.

Falcon Balance

A balance of Western individual competitiveness and the African Ubuntu spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Falcon Postitive Environment

A positive, enabling environment in which students can grow into effective, respectable young people, capable of realising their full potential in life.

Our Values

Falcon College Values
  • Vital, disciplined and persevering in body
  • Curious, enthusiastic and fair in thinking
  • Sensitive, helpful and respectful in relationships
  • Humble, honest and wise in leadership
  • Cheerful, confident and generous in spirit

Explore Falcon College and witness how we shape educated, ethical citizens ready to embrace life's challenges.