The House System

The House system is designed to foster teamwork while developing individual responsibility and initiative.

Falcon College has seven Houses including Kestrel, which is the girls' House. The girls are members of the six boys' Houses: Chubb, Founders, George Grey, Hervey, Oates and Tredgold, for the purpose of Inter-House competitions. A healthy rivalry exists between the six Houses as they compete in a broad range of activities, from academic performance and a wide variety of sports, to adventure courses, singing and quiz challenges. Students from Form One to Upper Sixth live together in the Houses and develop a fierce loyalty to their Houses and one another.

Responsibility for each aspect of a student's life whole at school, ultimately lies with the Housemistresses or Housemaster, who is assisted by several house tutors and carefully selected prefects.

The House system encourages delegation of authority to instil leadership, responsibility and personal accountability in the students.

Housemasters / Mistresses:

THE Sanatorium

The “San”, as it is affectionately known, is accessible to students twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with one of the three qualified nursing sisters on duty at all times. It has two six-bedded wards and a two-bedded ward for students who need extra care. If the San nurse is not happy with a sick student they will admit them to the San for observation.


Falcon College was founded on Christian principles but is not affiliated to any specific church denomination. It remains inter-denominational and students, staff and speakers are welcomed to our services from a wide range of church backgrounds. The chapel is central to the school programme yet the majority of the services and meetings are voluntary. We do not have a full time school chaplain but there are many committed Christians on the staff and a good number of ordained church ministers available to assist and advise.

Learning Support

Falcon College aims to provide a learning environment where students are challenged and assisted to reach their full academic potential. Students with learning differences receive support to remove learning barriers, to help them access the classroom content with confidence.

Support structures include small group or individual sessions, homework assistance, the use of technology, and recognition of approved examination accommodations such as extra time, and the use of a reader or scribe.

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Community Wellness Coordinator

Wellness is defined as a state of optimal thriving. A strong sense of well-being allows teenagers to not only feel good in their lives but permits them to be empowered to make good decisions, navigate challenges, plan for their futures and invest in themselves.

Falcon College has a dedicated counsellor who works together with our incredible team of Housemasters, Housemistresses, teachers and San Sisters to ensure the all round health and wellness of our pupils.


Introwise Catering Services is an independent service provider that Falcon uses to prepare the students’ meals and teas, and for special functions. A wholesome and delicious menu is changed tri-weekly, with input from the students via their College Prefect representative. Students are served breakfast, tea, lunch, and dinner. Sports events and school functions are also catered for through Introwise, providing families an opportunity to enjoy delicious eats while visiting the College.

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