The Falconian Society aims to preserve and promote fellowship amongst present and future alumni of Falcon College as well as support and strengthen the College for the benefit of its current pupils.

Falconians Logo

The goals are:

  • To bring together past pupils and staff of the College and promote fellowship and mutual support through social media, social gatherings and newsletters
  • To keep them in touch with the College
  • To promote the interests and welfare of the College
  • to raise money for and to oversee the Falcon Foundation, a separate entity specifically established to manage money to support the College.

The Falconian Society replaces the Falcon Old Boys Society, or FOBS.


Everyone who attends Falcon College as a student for at least two years is automatically a Falconian – a member of the Falconian Society.

Any academic or administrative staff member who has served more than five years at the College is automatically a Falconian.

The Head may nominate people to be Honourary Falconians. The nominations have to be approved by the Falconian Society Committee.

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The Falconian Society is lead by a committee consisting of up to 13 members. Currently the committee members are:

Colin Bewes (Hervey 1978) – IT Manager
Michael Howe-Ely (George Grey 1968) – Regional Director– Sub-Saharan Director (ex_Zimbabwe)
Nathan Maertens (George Grey 1996) – Director-at-Large

The Falcon Foundation

Proud of our Past. Resolute in our Future.

Mission Statement

Falcon Foundation provides money to support projects at Falcon College. Led by a small group of Falconians, the Foundation stewards the donations made to the Falconian Society by careful investment management. Income from the investment helps keep Falcon College as a leading Southern African centre of academic, cultural and sporting excellence for young people.

Donation Recognition

The Falconians recognize donors as follows:

  • The 1954 Society – cumulative donations of US$50,000 or more
  • The Peregrine Society – cumulative donations of US$15,000 or more
  • The Head’s List – US$5,000 or more in one year
  • The Bushtick Society – US$500 or more in one year
  • The Rising Bell Society – less than $500 in one year
Members of The 1954 Society

Professor Stuart Jamieson (Tredgold 1965)

Members of the Peregrine Society

Grant Pattison (George Grey 1988)

The Head’s List

Stuart Jamieson (Tredgold 1965)

Lance Dixon (Founders 1988)
Roy Dixon (Founders 1986)
John Guy (George Grey 1965)
Stuart Jamieson (Tredgold 1965)
Grant Pattison (George Grey 1988)

Brian Chingono (Oates 2004
Jeremy Haile (George Grey 1968)
Stuart Jamieson (Tredgold 1965)
Kevin Ross (Hervey 1972)

Martin Bashall (Tredgold 1972)
Stuart Jamieson (Tredgold 1965)
Patrick Mavros (George Grey 1971)
Grant Pattison (George Grey 1988)

Alistair Ross (Hervey 1974)

Members of The Bushtick Society

Christopher Adams (Oates 1968)
Alan Cornish (George Grey 1968)
Paul Davis (Chubb 1988)
Clifford Fourie (George Grey 1997)
Brian Gilbert (George Grey 1961)
Anton Griffiths (Hervey 1999)
Jonathan Hale (Oates 1987)
Donald Holden (Founders 1974)
Sean Horsley (Parent)
Michael Lashbrook (Oates 1988)
Lesley Manokore (Tredgold 2020)
Andrew Marchussen (Governor)
Tirikure Mukurazhizha(Tredgold 1966)
Mark Newton (Chubb 1994)
Timothy Spotswood (Tredgold 1967)
Robert Roseveare (George Grey 1966)
Edward Sankey (Oates 1990)
André Schnabl (George Grey 1965)
Nigel Shepherd (George Grey 1983)
Peter Stansbury (Oates 1982)
Ryan Swales (Oates 1997)
Timothy Tanser (George Grey 1962)
Christopher Tayelor (Tredgold 1974)
Gregory Taylor (Oates 1988)
Andrew Whittall (Founders 1990)
Barry Wilson (Hervey 1961)
Anonymous (Tredgold 1962)
Anonymous (George Grey 1970)